is a bridge for Health Insurers

The Opportunity

TPL Connect has a first of its kind, near real time capability to improve payment integrity for Health Insurers. Claims organizations that reimburse healthcare providers can now rest assured knowing that it can make reimbursement decisions based on accurate third party liability claims information.

Our Process

TPL Connect affords the ability to send and receive information for payment integrity validation in near real time. TPL Connect has unique algorithms designed to assist in identifying healthcare claims that might potentially involve a motor vehicle accident or on the job injury. Once these types of accidents are determined to be associated with a healthcare claim, TPL Connect can then search its vast databases to look for third party claim matches. This information is then sent back to the health insurer to enable it to make the proper reimbursement decision.

The Automation of Information

All of this runs in the background to minimize any delays in your current claims adjudication process.